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I, Dr. Sonam Kabra, one of the eminent professors in field of Management and Industrial Psychology. I have been teaching management and psychology and have a sound experience in the Education Industry. I have been associated with various renowned colleges namely All India Management Association (AIMA), Delhi Institute of Management and Research (DIMR), BLB Institute of Finance (BIFM), New Delhi Institute of Management (NDIM), Delhi Business School (DBS), Asia- Pacific institute of Management (AIM), Entrepreneurship and Management Processes International Business School (EMPI) Udai Pareek HR Labs etc.
Great Job Sonam.....!!! Thanks Graphology - the study of handwriting and handwriting analysis - is now an accepted and increasingly used technique for assessment of people in organizations.
SONAM PLEASE ACCEPT OUR HEARTIEST THANKS..... Yes, it's true: Graphology is a scientific method of identifying, evaluating, and understanding a person's personality through the strokes and patterns revealed by his handwriting.
Heylooooo... Expert Tips from Sonam : The primary basis of handwriting analysis as a science is that every person in the world has a unique way of writing. When we were all kids in primary school,

tons of gratitude to you......... Guyz secret tips from “Sonam”… self analyzing writing style, first look at the handwriting in general, much like you would a painting. Make mental notes of the most outstanding traits and try to get a general feeling of your words.
Keep going... keep analysing... SONAM "IT IS GREATLY SAID THAT OUR BRAIN GUIDES OUR HAND". Everything we put on papers is a result of a two-way circuit between our brain and the motor reflex muscles of our hand.
Expert Advise................. Handwriting is really brainwriting. Hand(brain)writing is reflective of an individual's personality. The brain is the source of your personality, and it is actually your brain that writes and reflects the nature of the person.
  Jyoti P.
Thanks for replying.... "I would like to reiterate my appreciation for the great job you're doing. Well done, all your hard work is very much appreciated." "Undoubtedly, a recruiter would emphasis more on your abilities"…. Keep Up the Good Work..!!
I would like to express my heartiest gratitude....... "It is a real pleasure for me to use your concise reports, which give us an extremely accurate insight into prospective employees'
Hi, I wish to thank you for all the good work you have done....!!! :) Sonam, You are right on... Handwriting analysis is very helpful for parents like us who want to understand and monitor our children through development.
Thanks..!!! "In selecting a job/candidate, you should consider two issues only: capability (what the candidate can do) and personality (what the candidate is like). Of these two, personality is by far the more important.
Excellent Advise & Recommendation tips….. She helps analyzing signature, handwriting, current signature analysis, gives recommendation/tips....She is very good handwriting & signature experts and graphologist. She is best amongst all.