The basis of Sachin Tendulkar's Signature Analysis
Sachin Tendulkar possesses healthy self-confidence in his personality. The person with self-reliance, or self-confidence, is convinced of his ability to reach the goals he sets for self. There is no better example of a player with self-reliance than Sachin in the world of cricket today.

Sachin doesn't fear failure and is very sure of his abilities. Probably that's the reason he has proven his critics wrong time and again by coming up with consistent batting masterpieces.

He possesses defiance in his personality. A defiant person resists other's authority. This trait is often seen as resentment at being told what to do and as rebellion. It is possibly this trait that helps him not allow bowlers get on top of him and deal with them with his trademark authority.

He is a dreamer and visionary. He has always set himself goals that would be considered as unattainable by lesser people. The weight of his achievements on the field is a true testimony of his being able to dream impossible stuff and going a step further to achieve the same.

He exercises a lot of self-control. Self-control may be towards a particular type of goal or desire to control a certain type of fear. Such a person may not communicate freely if he is imposing control over his speech. This is so true of Sachin Tendulkar when is he addressing media especially addressing controversial issues. This is probably one trait that has helped him stay away from controversies in his career.

Sachin possess pride and dignity in his personality. Pride is a spur to achievement. He tends to expect respect from others and expect others to treat him with dignity. Dignity can also related to defense i.e. if someone tries to push him, he tend to stand above criticism. That's probably the reason he is so widely respected.

Being an analytical thinker, he has the ability and desire to consider the pros and cons. He interprets all the facts by separating them, breaking them down, and organizing them from a critical point of view. This trait helps him to simplify thinking and coming up with great ideas on field.

Sachin is optimistic by nature. The positive thinking attitude helps him believe that tomorrow will be better day and look at the brighter side of life.

Timothy McVeigh:

• McVeigh's entire signature is symbolic of his inner need, his drama and myth, which are acted out in total in the body of his writing where his text portrays how he proceeds in his daily activities and habits.

• Both the "y" and "g" structures, in their unusual formations, reveal McVeigh's improper bonding and his overwhelming need for intimacy and his inability to create it.

• The energy is propelled by his will power (demonstrated by the firmness and strengths of his "t" bars) which pushes and drives forward, and yet control is revealed by the downward directional focus of the crossbars.

The signature of Lata Mangeshkar, famous singer. The M in the family name is very big and dominating. She wants to keep high her family reputation. The sharp top edges of M represent that her mind can instantly understand and process the pieces of information very quickly. On the other hand, if you write your personal name wider and prominent, then you crave for good personal life and want to grow as an individual.

If there is much gap between the surname and personal name, then there is no coherence between your social life and your personal life. This leads to setbacks in your earnings and relations.

A single dot placed at the end of the signature represents that you do not trust others easily and you love some fine art. Two dots below the signature represent that you are romantic and you give more importance to beauty. This is clearly shown in the signature of Amitabh Bachchan, cine artist.
When the end stroke of the signature turns left and strikes back the name, the person will attack himself and becomes his own victim. In the signature of Michael Jackson, famous singer and dancer, we can observe the loop of L coming back and striking the M. The J looks like a knife. These factors represent death like situation where he may kill himself either by a knife or by taking poison.

Circled signature

A circle or enclosed ring around the signature symbolizes protection against the anxiety and retreat. See the big loop of L encircling the word: Michael, in the signature of Michael Jackson.
A single horizontal line below the signature represents that the person has achieved control and stability in his thoughts. See the long line below the signature of APJ Abdul Kalam, former president of India.