One of the main uses for graphology is in selection of employees Handwriting analysis in recruitment offers a precise alternative to psychological tests, because it is independent of ideas and intellectual content.

1. I need someone who is physically and mentally suited to the job- Pressure of the writing, heavy pressure implies the writer is physically fit and energetic, usually strong-willed and confident, very light pressure could indicate someone who is very timid, with low energy levels, or poor health.

2. I need someone with intellectual capacity and vocational ability for the job- If the candidate has written the capital letter "l". A single downward stroke shows the person is intelligent, straightforward and genuine. The loops on the bottom of letters like "g" and "y". Medium-sized loops indicate a writer who is self-assured and realistic. Very large loops indicate a very imaginative and egotistical character.

3. I need to know whether this candidate is a leader or a follower an introvert or an extrovert.

Look at he color of the ink they have chosen. Blue indicates they are calm, dependent, and with no desire to be exceptional. Black is the sign of a leader someone who wants to make an impression and is decisive. Those using brown ink can be trusted to keep a secret at all costs.

Who to recruit????????????? What traits should I look for???????

Graphology or Handwriting analysis is also used as a tool by various organizations for strengthening their personnel selection procedures that has proved to be a blessing.

(Here are some of the advantages)

Provides an insight about each applicant to the interviewer.
Eliminates the problem of premeditated responses. Any deliberate changes are detectable.
A Deeper insight into a person's whole character and the traits graphology gives an all-round accurate profile.
Economic value - lessens the time and expenses involved and caused due to wrong decision-making.