When writing a sample or requesting one for analysis there are several simple rules that are important for an adequate sample: -

Use unlined paper, at least six-by-nine inches and preferably larger-never a napkin, a grocery list, a post card, or a scrap of paper.
The writing implementation should be writers usual pen, fountain or ballpoint, but not a pencil or a felt-tip pen.
Make sure the sample is at least one hundred words for a quick and simple analysis.
You can make variations during the flow. Please note that you are not writing to impress someone it is your originality.
Please provide with the name, age, sex and contact details of the person whose personality is being analyzed. We will also need street address where you want your reports to be delivered.
Do not use a sample that is copied from something already written and do not use poetry.

Besides Handwriting sample May I request you to please send me your 3 initials or signatures on a canvas. Please note these samples must be spontaneous.

1. If you are under any medication that might affect your handwriting, please mention which one(s).

2. Mention any physical or emotional trauma that you may have suffered in the last twelve months or so that might affect your handwriting, this information would be of help to the analyst.

3.If the writer has given a handwritten application, if possible please send it also as it will be helpful.

4.Sign your name as you normally do.

5. Mention your approximate age, sex, and the hand with which you write.

Note: The sample should be written when you are relaxed. Do not drink alcohol before or during the period of writing. Be seated comfortably at a table. If you have more than one styles of writing, include the sample of each.