In this booklet there are some questions to see what interests you have and how you feel about certain situations. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers because people have the right to their own views. All your have to do is answer what is true for you.
Some sample questions are given below which you will answer for practice, to see that you understand what you have to do. There are three possible answers to each question. You should answer either “Yes” or “No”, for “A” or “B” by making a (X) in the appropriate box. Mark the last answer or “C” only when it is impossible to say “Yes” or “No”. Now answer the five practice questions given below:

1. I prefer friends who are: Quite Lively Can’t decide  
2. People say I’m impatient: True False Uncertain  
3. I like to watch team games: Yes,Often No, Never Sometimes  
4. I like to be: (A) a mechanic, (A) (B) (C)  
    (B) a salesman (C) undecided  
Ask now if something is not clear

In the following pages, you will find more questions similar to those above. As you answer the question, keep these four rules in mind:

1. Give only answer that is true for you. It is best to say what you really think.

2. You may have as much time as you need. But try to go fairly fast. It’s best to give the first answer that comes to you and not spend too much time on any question.

3. Answer every question one way or the other. Don't skip any Question .

4. You should mark the (a) or (b) answer most of the time. Mark the last (c) answer only when you fell you have to, because neither (a) nor (b) seems to be right for you.

Gender Male     Female
1. If I could get the right training, I would rather be: (A) a manager in a company, (B) a guidance counselor with Young people, (C) none of the above A B C
2. There are times when I do, what I want to pay no attention to rules and regulations Yes,True No, Never Uncertain
3. It is embarrassing for me if I suddenly become the centre of sometimes attention at a social gathering Yes,Often No, Never Sometimes
4. I feel to disgusted to eat even if the plates are slightly dirty Yes,Often No, Never Sometimes
5. I am worried about my actions when I am doing things independently Yes,Often Rarely occasionally
6. I am active in large gatherings, such as parties or public meetings yes, always No, Never Sometimes
7. I am careful of people who get more friendly and familiar very easily. (A) yes, always, (B) no, not necessarily, (C) sometimes A B C
8. A person should take action fast when deciding a practical matter True, always Not as a rule Sometimes
9. I get “stage-fright” when I come into a room full of people Often Hardly ever Sometimes
10. I am quite frank in telling people my feelings and ideas, and I never have regrets for it. True False Uncertain
11. I am never disturbed by threats True, never False, I do Sometimes
12. I feel uncomfortable if several people watch me at work Yes No Uncertain
13. I can put worries and responsibilities out of my mind whenever I want to Yes No Sometimes
14. I usually feel my way to a decision slowly rather than decide quickly by logic or reason True False Uncertain
15. I consider myself as a very sociable, outgoing person Yes No Can’t decide
16. Raising funds for a helping cause is (A) quite enjoyable for me, (B) an unpleasant job for me, (C) undecided A B C
17. It is more important to: (A) get along smoothly with people, (B) practice your own idea, (C) uncertain A B C
18. In a small group, I prefer to sit back and let other do most of the taking Yes, mostly No, never Sometimes
19. I would enjoy more being: (A) an office manager, (B) an architect, (C) uncertain A B C
20. Society should be guided by logical thinking rather than by sentimental Beliefs yes, always no, never sometimes
21. I like to join clubs and social groups (A) true, (B) false, (C) not very keen A B C
22. I think my memory has improved and is better than before Yes No Can’t decide
23. I’m uncomfortable when others are waiting on something that needs quick action. Very much so Not at all Somewhat
24. I prefer to stay away from public meetings Usually Never Sometimes
25. “Rope” is to “tie” as “knife” is to Cut Sharp Point
26. There are ways in which I honestly consider myself better than most people Yes, many Hardly, any Few
27. To be cautions and not expect too much is better than to be over-cheerful, and always expect success True False Uncertain
28. Which one of the following things is different from the others Candle Electric light Moon
29. I like to direct others in their work Yes, usually No, never Occasionally
30. In reading, I prefer to read light, family stories rather than war or adventure stories True False Uncertain
31. Which one of the following fractions is not the same kind as the others? (A) 3/7, (B) 3/9 (C) 3/11 A B C
32. In an argument, my mind docs not seem to work too well. (A) true, I get Confused, (B) false, I am always cool, (C) uncertain A B C
33. I would prefer to dress up: (A) in something everyone will be notice, (B) neatly and quietly, (C) uncertain A B C
34. Large means the same as: Fat Tall Big
35. If I were to disagree with my boss, I would probably: (A) keep it to myself,(B) come out and say so, (C) uncertain A B C
36. I like to spend an evening: (A) at a lively party, (B) with a quiet hobby, (C) undecided A B C
37. Which one of the following should come next at the end of this row of letters: xooooxxoooxxx? A oxxx B xooo C ooxx
38. When I have to convey my disapproval or disagreement, I stay calm and am not nervous True False Uncertain
39. I would rather spend time fishing or gardening than watching horse or car races True False Uncertain
40. “Size” is to “length” as “dishonest” is to: Prison Stealing Sin
41. Being waited on by a servant or someone like that: (A) embarrasses me, (B) makes me feel fine, (C) uncertain A B C
42. I like to play practical jokes on people without any ill-eeling in them True False Uncertain
43. Which one of the following words does not belong with the others? Zigzag Wide Straight
44. I have sometimes, had hateful feelings towards my parents Yes No Sometimes
45. If my boss called me in his room, I would: (A) be afraid I had done Something wrong, (B) make it a chance to ask for something I want (C) get confused A B C
46. I am usually not very particular about details, for example, remembering particular names of roads or shops in the city True, I am not False, I am Undecided
47. As a teenager, if my opinion was different from what my parents thought, I usually: (A) accepted their authority, (B) kept my own opinion, (C) undecided A B C
48. If friends or neighbors treat me badly and show they dislike me: (A) I tend to get downhearted, (B) it doesn’t upset me a bit, (C) can’t decide A B C
49. I like to have friends who: (A) are efficient and practical, (B) seriously think out their attitudes toward life, (C) uncertain A B C
50. The glamour of any big national ceremony should be preserved Yes always No, never Sometimes
51. I get depressed if I think seriously about my responsibilities Quite often Very rarely Sometimes
52. When I am talking, I hardly ever walk up and down, or use my arms to express my ideas True, never False, I do Uncertain
53. When our reason tells us old customs and traditions are out of date, we should drop them Agree Disagree Uncertain
54. I rarely lie awake because of unhappy, disturbing ideas True False, I do lie Sometimes
55. I would enjoy being a newspaper writer on drama, concerts, play, etc Yes No Uncertain
56. It is easy to change people’s ideas by logic and reason I agree I disagree Undecided
57. If I know that an operation is being done on an animal (for a good reason), it does not upset me (A) true, I treat it as a common- sense matter, (B) false, it give me horrors, (C) uncertain True False Perhaps
58. Members of my family quickly show their irritation over small things (A) yes, quite a lot, (B) no, (C) sometimes A B C
59. Most people will fool themselves and give silly reasons in order to keep comfortable privileges or gain a profit True False Perhaps
60. Even in times of trouble, my spirits are generally high True False Uncertain
61. I like vivid, true-to-life love scenes in a movie True False Uncertain
62. To get an interesting argument going, I believe in gently telling people what is wrong with their ideas Generally Never Occasionally
63. I have a feeling that my friends don’t need so much as I need them True False Uncertain
64. I don’t enjoy long discussions with people who have ideas about serious, intellectual things True, I don’t False, I do Undecided
65. Sometimes I feel like starting an argument or picking up a fight with someone just for the sake of doing it Yes, I do No, never Can’t decide
66. It’s hard for me to admit it when I am wrong Yes No Sometimes
67. I am considered by others as a stable and a confident person Yes, certainly No Sometimes
68. When the time comes to do something I have planned and looked forward to, I don’t feel up to doing it Often Almost never Sometimes
69. I like to go to shows and social outings Yes, often Very rarely Sometimes
70. I am not scared or shy of speaking in front of a large groups (A) true, I am never bothered by it, (B) false, I find it very hard, (C) sometimes A B C
71. Thunder and lightening hardly ever upset me (A) true, they don’t (B) false, they do, (C) sometimes A B C
72. I hardly ever get impatient and angry with people (A) true, I almost never do, (B) false, I get angry quickly, (C) uncertain A B C
73. I am able to concentrate on one job or plan for as long as possible Yes, always No, never Sometimes
74. I seldom get so excited that I say things I am sorry for, (A) true, I don’t (B) false, I do say such things, (C) uncertain A B C
75. Disturbing and troubling thoughts sometimes race through my head True, a lot Not at all Not much
76. While making my decisions I give more value on: (A) what is right and wrong, (B) what is practicable or workable, (C) can’t decide A B C
77. In a dark house, I cannot control my fears True False Sometimes
78. I am not given to big “ups” and “downs” of mood True, I am not False, I am Sometimes
79. I like a job with variety, even if it has a bit of risk Yes No At time
80. If I meet drunken people, I: (A) say cool and relaxed, (B) get very Nervous and embarrassed, (C) am slightly nervous A B C
81. I believe in: (A) “Don’t worry be happy”, (B) being sober in everyday matters, (C) undecided moods A B C
82. When one small thing after another goes wrong. I: (A) carry on A B C as usual, (B) feel discourages, (C) uncertain A B C
83. I see many emotional dreams that leave me disturbed when I wake up Often Almost never Sometimes
84. In my next life, I would prefer to lead: (A) the same kind of life, (B) a more comfortable life, (C) can’t say A B C
85. I enjoy organizing a social group, such as a club or a team Yes, often Never Occasionally
86. My mood and efficiency are generally not affected by the changes in the weather True False Sometimes
87. I often lose control over my emotions and feelings True False Uncertain
88. When I know I am doing the right thing, I find my task easy Always Never Sometimes
89. I think that being free to do what I like is more important than good manners and respect for the law Very true No, false Uncertain
90. My actions get influenced while experiencing feelings of jealousy Yes, always No, never Sometimes
91. In school, I had a keen interest in (or still prefer): (A) music, (B) music (C) none of the above A B C
92. I am a fairly strict person who always wants to see he right things done Yes, always No, not always Sometimes
93. In an argument, I: (A) make sure what I say is right, (B) say what I feel like saying, (C) can’t decide A B C
94. For reading I usually enjoy: (A) true-to-life action stories, (B) light, imaginative things, (C) can’t decide A B C
95. While working I: (A) try to plan ahead, (B) expected problems will be taken care of by themselves when they come, (C) can’t decide A B C
96. Without thinking first, I say hateful things to people I usually love Often Hardly ever Sometimes
97. If I worked on a newspaper, I would rather deal with: (A) politics and sports, (B) society news and reviewing movies, (C) uncertain A B C
98. People think I am too careless and casual, even than they-like me True False Uncertain
99. When I talk, I like: (A) to say things just as they come to me, (B) to get my thoughts organized first, (C) can’t say A B C
100. I often feel that I should go away and travel like a gypsy True False Perhaps
101. If people are clever enough to twist the rules without breaking them, they should: (A) certainly do so, (B) not do it anyway (C) do so if unavoidable A B C
102. I always believe in doing the socially acceptable thing and to ask how may actions look to others True False Uncertain
103. I get excited about plays and novels Yes No Not really
104. In school, I never had trouble with teachers because of bad behavior, (A) true, I almost never had trouble, (B) false, I had plenty of trouble, (C) sometimes A B C
105. I have trained myself to be very patient with people Yes, always No, not often Sometimes
106. In school, I preferred (or still prefer):
         (A) arithmetic or mathematics, (B) literature or English, (C) uncertain
107. If my banker made a careless mistake, and didn’t charge me for something I should have paid, (A) it wouldn’t be my business to tell then,
(B) I would feel I had to point it out and pay, (C) uncertain
108. If I am left out by my friends I :
         (A) make a fuss out of it, (B) take it calmly, (C) uncertain 
109. I am more sensitive to art and surrounding than most people True False Uncertain
110. My mind doesn’t work very clearly all the time    True False Sometimes
111. In situations when politeness does not work, I get tough and sharp Often Rarely Sometimes
112. I like to do team work with lot of other people involved       Yes No Sometimes
113. Regular newspaper issues are not interesting for me:
         (A) yes true, (B) no, they are interesting for me, (C) it’s difficult to decide
114. It is more important to bring up children with kindness than to teach them to be self-reliant or successful in life    Yes No Uncertain
115. In designing something, I would prefer to work    On my own In a team Can’t decide
116. Nobody gets angry in my family True False Very rarely
117. I resent aggressive people more than I dislike people who talk a lot about their troubles True False Uncertain
118. I like to socialize even if I am not a prominent figure in the group    True False Not always
119. People who brag or show they think too much of themselves, irritate me a lot,
         (A) yes, always, (B) no, hardly ever, (C) sometimes
120. Certain animals make me nervous Yes, often No, never Occasionally
121. I like to do my own planning, without any interruptions and suggestions form others Yes No It depends
122. I don’t get worked up or show my emotions in my voice as much as most people do True, I don’t False, I do Uncertain
123. I feel a need to go in for some heavy physical activity Quite often Never Occasionally
124. When I do what I want, I find I am generally: (A) understood
         only by close friends (B) doing what most people think is okey, (C) undecided
125. I never get bored or annoyed with poorly educated people True False Uncertain
126. I enjoy the company of some animals like-cats, dogs and horses etc True False Uncertain
127. I don’t like people to say I am different or peculiar True, I don’t false, I do Uncertain
128. Most people would try to get away with as much as they could
         if they were not afraid of being caught
True False Perhaps
129. I value good manners and social “know-how” more than
         certain others traits present in people
Yes No Uncertain
130. I would rather enjoy life quietly in my own “way” than be
         admired for my achievements
True False Uncertain
131. If I make a silly mistake I soon forget it Yes, easily No, I cannot Sometimes
132. I am not very considerate of other people True False Sometimes
133. I would prefer to be a: (A) high school teacher,
         (B) a forester, (C) uncertain
134. I just can’t stand those people, who talk nonsense True False Sometimes
135. If the income were the same, I would prefer to be:
        (A) a navigator or pilot, (B) a lawyer, (C) none of the above
136. I get irritated over small setbacks very easily Yes, often No, never Sometimes
137. If I had an idea for a new kitchen gadget, I would prefer:
        (A) working on it in the laboratory. (B) selling it to the people,
        (C) I am uncertain about it
138. While playing a game it doesn’t irritate me if others pass their comments,
         (A) true, it doesn’t (B) false, it does, (C) sometimes
139. It would be more interesting to be: (A) an artist or sculptor,
         (B) a social club secretary, (C) none of the above
140. People seem to get in my way and frustrate me a lot Yes, often Almost never Sometimes
141. On special holidays and birthdays, I :
         (A) like to give presents, (B) feel that buying presents is a nuisance,
         (C) not concerned
142. The noise of a nail on glass and similar screechy sounds,
          set my nerves on edge, (A) unbearably, (B) not al all, (C) somewhat
143. If I am asked to work for a charity, I would :
         (A) generally accept, (B) say “I am too busy”, (C) occasionally accept it
144. When something really makes me furious, I calm down again quite quickly Yes No Undecided
145. I have never done during things just to fun,
         (A) true, I never have, (B) false, I have, (C) sometimes
146. I feel restless as if I want something but do not know what Often Very rarely Occasionally
147. I may deceive people by being friendly when I really dislike them True False Sometimes
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